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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Reminder of the Developers' Web Site (VSM Estates Limited and Annington Property Limited - the "Inglis Consortium")

Reponse to the CBT Transport Story in 'The Guardian'

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"The Buchanan report springs to mind on reading the Campaign for Better Transport's study, which roundly and rightly praises those cities that have laid on abundant and cheap public transport as a rather less drastic approach to taming the car. Ever since 1960, attempts have been made to try and keep this machine under control.

"Libertarian bores will insist this is due to some patrician hatred of mass mobility, but the CBT's report reminds us that what we could call "transport poverty" is something that afflicts the old, the unemployed, and the ill; and that the most effective means of dealing with traffic-choked cities is through public transport, rather than moralising."

(Thanks to the Brent Cross Coalition for this.)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Better Public Transport article (The Guardian)

Award-winning bus services, a European-style embrace of the tram, and a bias against out-of-town shopping centres were cited as powerful incentives for residents of Nottingham to leave their cars at home, according to a report by the 'Campaign for Better Transport'.

By contrast, Milton Keynes, trumpeted as the epitome of modern urban dwelling in the 1980s, is criticised for a reliance on the motor vehicle to get people from A to B.