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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Independent: "Call for new towns on Green Belt"

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"MINISTERS should allow new towns to be built on Green Belt land around the edge of cities to deal with Britain's housing crisis, a think-tank with close links to David Cameron recommends today.

"In a controversial report, Policy Exchange claims that the green belt is having negative effects on the economy and quality of life.

"... Critics are likely to seize on its recommendations as evidence that parts of the Government secretly wants to go much further than the current system allows and scrap the highly symbolic concept of the green belt altogether.

"But report’s author argues that the green belt planning restrictions which date back to 1935 are out of date."

Thursday, 17 November 2011 "L&Q and Countryside Properties picked for 600-home Dollis Valley regeneration"

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"Countryside Properties, working in conjunction with housing association L&Q, has been selected by London Borough of Barnet as its preferred partner, for the proposed regeneration of the Dollis Valley housing estate in Chipping Barnet.

"The selection is subject to the council’s formal scrutiny process. The proposals, which are based on a masterplan design by Alison Brooks Architects and HTA Architects, would involve the construction of approximately 600 new, mixed-tenure homes in a wide range of designs and sizes to suit the differing needs of families."

Monday, 14 November 2011

Daily Telegraph: "Stop this planning free-for-all, National Trust warns"

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"Dame Fiona Reynolds of the National Trust argues that other countries that have embarked on radical deregulation of the planning system, such as Ireland, Greece and Spain, have been plagued by economic crises.

"Ministers should not be tempted by the 'lure of the quick fix' to allow unrestrained development that would have dire consequences for generations to come, she says.

"Dame Fiona issues the warning in The Daily Telegraph as she prepares to hold talks with Prime Minister on controversial planning reforms that would make it easier for major developments to be approved. Campaigners fear the proposals could lead to the destruction of large parts of the countryside."