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Friday, 10 June 2011

Mr Reasonable: "Barnet Internal Audit Report - It just gets worse!"

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"Having ploughed my way through the 268 pages of the Audit Committee papers I have to say that I am utterly shocked by what I have read. On top of what I have already reported on MetPro, the Internal Audit Annual Opinion Report goes much further on the various shortcomings.

"The overall internal audit opinion is only 'limited assurance' - that is, one step above no assurance."

From the report:
  • The Waste Prevention Strategy [below] has been ineffective in delivery of outcomes
  • The Waste Prevention Strategy has not been reviewed since 2005, to ensure that it remains fit for purpose or current
  • There are no governance arrangements in place to scrutinise, oversee and challenge the Waste Prevention Strategy
  • The Waste Project Board does not have a terms of reference, and focuses mainly on project management issues not strategic issues.

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The Guardian: "UK cities may ban heavily polluting traffic to avoid EU fines"

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"The government may act to force local authorities to ban heavily polluting traffic in most British cities, to try to control deadly nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions, and avoid unlimited fines from Europe.

"Funding must be prioritised for measures to help people walk, cycle and use public transport more. Schemes that increase the amount of traffic must be abandoned," said Jenny Bates, Friends of the Earth's London campaigner.

"Britain's air quality record is among the worst in Europe, and is already breaking European law for particulate, or PM10, pollution and nitrogen dioxide. According to a Mayor of London-commissioned study, poor air quality causes around 4,300 premature deaths in London every year, and studies show that poor air quality increases risks of heart attacks, asthma attacks and respiratory illness."