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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Houses 'better than green fields': Minister's explosive claim as he unveils new plans to concrete the countryside"

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"Building houses will create more ‘human happiness’ than preserving fields, the Planning Minister has claimed.

"Nick Boles says the Government is determined to speed up the rate of house building, despite opposition from countryside groups.

And he said communities who refused to support the initiative risked losing their hospitals and high street shops as their populations shrank."

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Guardian: "Prince Charles is not a dabbler – he's deeply committed. But he's naive"

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"Revelations about the Duchy of Cornwall's accounts revive the debate over the scale of Prince Charles's involvement in fields other than waving, opening things, collecting art and accumulating rent.

He's often accused of exceeding the prerogatives of a constitutional monarch, most recently in successfully lobbying a fellow royal, the Emir of Qatar, to drop Richard Rogers as architect for a housing scheme in Chelsea. But, even if we accept the argument that he is only intervening in aesthetics and ethics, not politics, what do his interventions really mean?